Design plays a massive part in the marketing of all websites. We have decided to take 5 Finance websites and see how they compare with each other from a design perspective.  Let us know in the comments what you think of the 5 sites that we have decided to compare.

Number 5 – Zopa Loans
The Zopa website is bright colours that go nicely together as well as some nice and suitable animations however the navigation is a bit confusing and most of the website doesn’t line up.

Number 4 – Promise Money
The Promise Money website has a good aesthetic with a simple and easy to understand navigation system which comes equipped with a customer support window in the bottom corner. The only thing that lets this site down is that the layout is slightly cluttered.

Number 3 – Lending works
Lending works have a very modern minimalist layout with easy navigation and well laid out design. Lending works have used a good range of photography to add to the minimalistic modern approach to their website.

Number 2 –  Relendex

Relendex have gone for a very different design to the rest of the websites on this list.  The key feature of the Relendex website is the use of video in the header. This is something that we have not seen on any of the other sites in this list.  Relendex also uses a wide range of bright colours to draw the visitors attention to certain aspects of their site.

Number 1 – Amigo Loans

Amigo Loans have a very simplistic layout to their website. With the main design focus being placed on the loan calculator right at the top. The site is very easy to understand and is easy to navigate around, however some people may think that the colour scheme is a bit dull and boring.